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This is how i'm feeling after Pfizer Jab

Dad's Death, There not telling the Truth

Vaccine adverse effect, Hospitals filling up
33yr old Healthy Doctor dies after taking  vaccine

Health worker quits due to vaccine rollout

Carehome Worker explains Death from vaccine 

  Son Dies straight after vaccine, Warning!
UK nun quotes the vaccine is killing
This is what happened after Pfizer vaccine
Teenager dies 15 minutes after covid vaccine
Adverse effect 20 mins after Pfizer Jab
Girls reaction Pfizer Jab reaction, blind, deaf 
Ended up in ICU
Canadian 46yrs old world of greaf after 2nd Jab
Regrets after the covid19 vaccines
21 year old Covid Vaccine Injury
Says Shut the Hell up and get your Jab then dies
If you take the vaccine you are no longer..
Covid vaccine effect
He felt something leave him after Jab
What the Lusifarase what it's now doing effects.. 
Nurse fired for refusing vaccine speaks out 
Pfizef vaccine Injury straight after
This is what the Moderna Bio Weapon did 
French Woman collapses after Jab
This Is my Story