Jaymes Israel. REVIVAL project & Film

Hello friends, this is Jaymes Israel (aka Paul Ettinger!). I'm a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ and film maker from London. I began my career working under Guy Ritchie in 1999, and shot my first documentary on the set of his second feature, Snatch (starring Brad Pitt), which opened the door for me to work with some of the biggest names in music and film.

As I came to know the Lord six years ago, he called me out of that world, drew me close and cleaned me up, ready to send me back as his co-labourer. Why? Because God is about to reclaim the arts, in particular film and music, in a powerful way - to reach the secular - for his glory.

The project for which I need your support is the humble beginnings of just this.

Fundraiser by Paul Ettinger : Help Jaymes Israel's Revival Project & Film (gofundme.com)

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