Yes! your Bible has changed
 A message to the Preachers
Nonsense Bible verses
Message to what's left of the world
A feeble attack by the enemy...Mandela Effect
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The Mandela effect Warning! all as foretold
Bottles are now in the Bible 
Mandela effect/Cern changing Scripture
Who really altered the Bible Cern or the Devil
Couch now in the Bible
Fearful & Angry Mandela effect Testimonies
The last days, The Mandela effect
Matthew 7:1 changed
Bible changes & blind Pastors
 Mental Health, Mandela effect, Jesus
The Proof the KJV Bible is changing
A list of Bible changes
The Mandela effect that convinced me
Lower Case T’s all changed - Mandela Effect
Waking people up with my Sign
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People say it's the age of conspiracy, We say it's the age of Bible prophecy unfolding.