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Was it foretold in the Bible?

Amos 8;12
And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.

In 2016 a never before seen wave of people from around the world in different places of the world jumped to the internet to express what they describe as a "reality shift". People reported suddenly noticing that words from there kjv Bible had changed supernaturally and overnight. The people that seen these changes used youtube platform to come together and share the truth of what they remember scriputre being before changes and there theories on why this is happening including to expose it to others around the world. Not many Pastors spoke up about this phenomenon for many reasons but some did come forward.. Many Christians and non Christians that talk about these changes were and are still mocked today being called crazy conspirecy theorists and accused of there mind playing tricks on them or mis-remembering, Very unfair to say the least when thousands of people rise up at the same time from all over the world this alone tells you that something is not right and that thousands of people can't all be mis-remembering all at one time, something effected these people weather you believe the changes or not (see testimonies).

Your Bibles are Changing - Unknown Artist
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One Christian mandela effect whistle blower from the UK says-

"At first I thought I was going crazy noticing changes then surprisingly a random "recommended" video on youtube popped up with another person talking about the same scripture changing this confirmed to me that I was not alone in this and i was not going crazy especially as every minute a new video that someone new made was uploaded about the changes.  From that day my life has never been the same again and it won't be. I never would of thought I would live to witness anything like this happen infact I never thought anything so supernatural could occur like this. It is very frustrating and painfull to see words and verses in the Bible changed. It's been the freakiest time of my life but at the same time a blessing it has brought me closer to Jesus and told me time is shorter than I thought. I always remind myself that i might not know the root cause for why all this is happening but I do know it's happening for a very sinister reason.

The so called "Mandela effect" has effected all areas of my life including my relationship, status, family, friends, way of thinking and views on life etc.

Many years have passed now and I have learnt to live with it. From experience I can say on this topic don't bother trying to wake people up with the changes they either won't believe you, think your crazy, don't care or will say "you have a bad memory". Mostly I found even though i know for sure the changes happened preaching this topic produces no good fruits by telling people nothing good comes from it, standing up for the word of God starts to feel like your constantly attacking the word of God and more than likely if anything I feel your only going to divert a person (put them off) from reading what's need to know scripture still rather than lead them to scripture so that's personally why I keep silent on the subject now. it's a need to know basis only.  As a watchman for the Lord I can say I have sounded the alarm and washed the blood off my hands". (2020)

John 1:1  

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

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How are people meant to take the Bible serious when it now talks about unicorns and mythical creatures?