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Hey everyone, My name is Josh Coen, I'm a Husband, a Father, and most importantly a follower of Christ thanks to the grace & mercy of God. The purpose of this channel is to help other people, like you, learn what it really means follow Jesus in order to experience a real, tangible, & personal relationship with Him, as well as to help you learn God's word, and the truth about the spiritual war we are in. May this channel be a blessing to you in Jesus name.

What Should I Do About My Unsaved Family?

Preacher and Teacher of the Gospel and Judgments of Jesus Christ For the perfecting of the Saints and the Work of the Ministry.

 Light vs Darkness / War and souls!

Education - News - Jesus - Prophecy - End Times News Report - Bible - Christian Reza Afshar and Chris Bridgen (Friends) known as "The Two Preachers" servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit We are committed to advancing the gospel on youtube, with your help we are now buying 1000's of Bibles and sending out teams of Pastors in Pakistan, we tell the story every week. Thank you all so much for your support, we really appreciate it!

If it were not filmed, no one would BELIEVE it

Endtimes questions and answers

This channel is dedicated to spreading the Word of God in Truth and Love, Through the power of Jesus. VISIONS/DREAMS
Jesus is coming soon! We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus and spread the Good News of the Gospel to every Creature!

Torch of Christ Ministries

Dark clouds are all around us. The storm is here. Do you have your home prepared? Do you know Jesus Christ? Repent and believe the gospel before it's too late.


Get on the Ark!

Do you see the world we are living in today? Fighting, killing, wars, corruption, lust, gangs, and problems with our growing rebellious youth are the major problems we face today. Why? Why now, especially in America are we facing such problems? The answer is we are becoming more Godless. When we take God out of society, we invite the devil in. America was once one nation under God and now it is becoming one nation under the devil.
I love God above everything and above others. This channel has content on it to inspire those who are believers, and educate nonbelievers.

Preaching in Cleveland

Pastor David Lynn

Outdoor service

Pastor J D Farag

Bible Prophecy - End Times - Pastor - Speaker
The official YouTube channel of renowned Bible Prophecy speaker and Pastor, J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii.
With nearly 300 Million minutes watched, this is one of YouTube's most popular channels related to End Times news and global events.

Prophecy update

Christian Teachings and Preachings

Welcome to Christ's Forgiveness Ministries, a Non-Denominational Christian Ministry. Our Vision:  The Vision of Christ's Forgiveness Ministries is to bring the life changing message of Jesus Christ's love

and forgiveness to the world through effective discipleship and evangelism. The message is also shared with the goal of igniting and uniting the global body of Christ for the evangelistic mandate of other focused self denying Christ like love, mentoring, radical and Holy Spirit empowered evangelism, biblical discipleship, and church planting.