Ever wondered if there really is any hope for the world? ever wondered if something was just not right with this world and why we are seeing all these crazy, shocking and weird things happening right now as never before seen in history? it begs the question. You have come to the right website to browse. This website is not to cause any fear but to spiritually wake you up to the simple truths so you and your family won't be caught off guard.

HOPE 101

Non-denominational follower of Jesus Christ, Preaching and exposing what is the harsh truth .The corrupt media is full of dirty tricks and will never expose what is really going on in this world It's what top world leaders and governments are all about making you believe what they want you to believe by showing through the television feeding you this unreal information of a satanic world distracting you from the truth and taking your time and faith away from Jesus Christ. Prayer and knowledge is key to salvation so it's important the word of Jesus and his second coming are understood and preached to other's who will hopefully here the word and wake up in these last days 1 Thessalonians 5:6 So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. Because Jesus loves us all so much Jesus predicted, prophesied and warned us before hand about this evil that must come to pass. We must be spiritually and mentally ready, vigilant and with a sober mind fellowshipping even more so now as we see that day approaching, looking for that Blessed hope that is only found in Jesus Christ, Kings of Kings Lord of Lords, Amen.

* Videos from this website have and do get removed without notice because they don't want you to see truth.  

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Personal opinions is what this website is about including thoughts of personal debates. Please do not feel offended there different opinions, theories and true testimonies from different people around the world including research and studies from great depth passed on for further education and salvation purposes. Exposing the serious evil that's working behind the curtain can be a real eye opener. This is a complete non-profit and add free website.

Christians keep preaching the Good love of the Lord in this constant spiritual battle not to hate each other with anger and disagreements but with kind helping, educating, patience, sharing, showing, looking, loving, talking, learning, listening, researching and debating together. Christian website connections are a great blessing in these end times. Thank you to all the channels that made great videos to get the truth out there.